In recent years highly publicized celebrities and fitness experts have come out to express their interest and recommendation of the use of CBD, a marijuana component, and all of its health benefits, and the rewards you can derive from its use. Years ago, the use of marijuana was stigmatized largely by the press and scientists respectively; however, now we are starting to see scientists and media publications of high repute coming out from the proverbial shadows and confessing that the marijuana components CBD and THC do in fact bear a lot of health rewards in their use, in moderation of course, as with anything.

Multiple companies have formed to produce the finest CBD oil and distribute it without misinformation so people can reap the rewards one can attain from its regular use. It can be difficult to find the best CBD oil so it is important that you do the correct amount of research when finding the one for you. A lot of companies stray from keeping their products entirely natural and include harmful additives.

What are the Health and Fitness Benefits?

The benefits of CBD oil are vast and wide-reaching, innumerable almost. CBD oil is proven to reduce inflammation, so when used by those who exercise frequently, it can be a great aid. When running frequently or weightlifting, it is common to experience large scale inflammation, so used in combination with CBD oil can help to speed recovery time, and thus enable you to exercise quicker and more often. Fitness fanatics speak highly of CBD oil for its healing properties and the fact it enables them to push themselves harder than ordinarily could.

The CBD component of marijuana has historically always been used as a herbal remedy, even as far back as the ancient Assyrians and the people of Sumer.

What is the Legality Surrounding CBD Oil?

That depends entirely on your region; marijuana has largely been decriminalized across the world and CBD oil is legal in most countries also, even the strictest like the United Kingdom, for example, a country that forbids the use of marijuana and THC products but promotes the use of CBD oil; CBD oil is sold in cafes, bars, restaurants, and health food shops across the country, and the world, and certainly soon enough we will see marijuana decriminalized on a larger scale, a massive one in fact. Only a hundred years ago the American press had labeled marijuana as a wife-killer drug; essentially it would send a man into a delirious rage and he would not remember even murdering his wife after just one puff on a marijuana cigarette. While this, of course, nonsense, it is important to remember that was the opinion of scientists of high repute a hundred years ago. How the tables have turned, no?

It Can Reduce the Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

CBD oil is known for its anti-anxiety properties. Often sufferers of anxiety and depression have no way out of the vicious cycle of their mental health, resigned to lives of complete misery. They become victims of a vicious cycle of pharmaceutical drug use, which carries its own addiction and side effects, and can not free themselves from the shackles of their mental health. Anxiety can be addressed by CBD oil and its recovering sufferers can go on to lead fit, healthy, physical lives, free from the pain of their own mental health.

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