CBD and Your Pets

Joint inflammation, anxiety, and pain from aging are all common conditions that CBD can soothe. They’re also three common conditions that often occur in dogs, or pets. So, it’s no surprise that CBD has made its’ leap from treating humans to animals. Although, even now using CBD for pets hasn’t been a clear-cut or smooth transition. With varying expert opinions and questions on how much you should dose your furry friends…like many pet owners, you may be asking yourself – what are the facts about CBD and pets? We’ll answer that question and more with our complete guide to CBD and how to use it best, for your pet pals.

How does CBD work for pets?

From what we know research-wise, CBD works in the same way for pets as it does for humans. CBD interacts and binds to a variety of receptors found in the endocannabinoid system, to establish its effects. Dogs also have an endocannabinoid system which is leading experts to believe that’s why CBD can work similarly for pets as humans.

While research continues to grow, pet owners across the nation must be on to something. In 2018 alone, CBD pet goods quadrupled in sales from $8 million in 2017 to $32 million. But what conditions are owners using CBD to help with their pets? Let’s learn more on pet problems that CBD benefits are showing promise for.

Benefits of CBD for pets

Through various studies on humans and animals, we know that CBD is anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, analgesic and anticonvulsant in nature. Here we’ve broken down how CBD’s natural properties are relieving ailments often found in pets.


 Usually due to their stature, some dogs or pets endure chronic pain, and specifically in their backs. Intervertebral disc disease is a very common disorder among dogs in the dwarf category like dachshunds, shih tzus, basset hounds, cocker spaniels. Even bigger breeds like labrador retrievers and german shepherds can suffer from the condition.

To relieve pressure on these areas of pain, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties go to work. With the additional pain relief that CBD can provide, the combination of characteristics can be ultra soothing for pets in any type of pain.

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Osteoarthritis, or arthritis is another prevalent problem for many pets. In fact, 1 in 4 dogs are diagnosed with the condition, and it’s likely that nearly 60% of all dogs show being affected in some fashion. A recent study explored how CBD can help this condition, specifically. What was found was positive results with an actual dosage recommendation.

In the case study, dogs were given CBD treatments at varied doses over a 4 week period. At 2mg twice a day, the dogs who were studied found relief for pain related with arthritis. In addition, the owners reported no side-effects at this rate.


 Seizures occur in pets due to a number of conditions including idiopathic epilepsy. With the amount of successful results in studies for CBD, humans and epilepsy, recently a study was conducted on a group of dogs with the same disorder. Likewise, results were promising. The research showed that dogs had a ‘significant’ reduction in seizure frequency when administered CBD. Again, owners reported no irregular side-effects or behavioral issues with the dosage.


 CBD’s effects on tumor growth found in cancer has been widely studied in humans. But cancer widely affects dogs and pets, as well.  It’s been found that beyond reducing tumors CBD has soothing benefits for the effects of chemotherapy. Which dogs also undergo as a treatment for the condition. While little research has been published on CBD helping to address cancer specifically in dogs, we do know it can help ease side-effects of common medications for the disease. CBD’s anti-nausea traits were proven in a study on rats, and could translate appropriately to dogs and pets.


From fireworks, to trips to the vet, or thunderstorms, dogs and cats can undergo bouts of anxiety. CBD is highly regarded as an anxiety reducer in humans, so many pet owners have implemented the compound into their pets routines when necessary. But these user experiences are about as far as ‘research’ goes for how CBD can actually manage anxious feelings in pets. With that said, the growing amount of support is evident of relief. Because CBD is naturally calming and sometimes sedating, pet owners are seeing positive results in stressful environments.

How can pets take CBD?

While CBD is proving safe for pets, THC on the other hand is not. THC is a cannabinoid like CBD but provides psychoactive effects, unlike CBD. Legally, CBD products like full-spectrum tinctures or treats can contain >.3% THC. While this should be safe for pets to consume, you may want to consider a broad-spectrum or isolate CBD product for pets in the case that you’re unsure. Broad spectrum tinctures or treats do not contain THC and will offer additional benefits via whole plant matter like terpenes. While CBD isolate pet products are strictly the CBD cannabinoid removed from all other plant compounds.

Most pet owners dispense CBD to pets through flavorless CBD oils or tinctures. This allows them to add CBD to their regular diet of wet or dry food, easily. Another option is the recent expansion into CBD pet treats. CBD treats are accurately dosed pet flavored bites, given just like any other treat would.

It’s recommended to check with your vet prior to administering any CBD to your pet, especially if they’re on any medication already. Starting with low doses, and increasing over time is ideal but be sure to get the appropriate MG dosage product that fits your pets weight. And just how long will it take for CBD to show its’ effects in pets? For anxiety, typically results are shown as quickly as 5-30 minutes. For chronic pain or arthritis, it may take a few weeks with consistent doses to see results.

CBD For Pets

Even though specific research is minimal, the early results of CBD’s efficacy for pets is progressively positive. Pet owners seeking natural methods to alleviate common issues like anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain and seizures are increasingly turning to CBD for relief. Like any new supplement, be sure to watch dosages and results carefully as you begin your pet’s use with CBD. If you have a pet that could benefit from the soothing properties and capabilities of CBD, check out Natures Pure full line of pet-safe treats.

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